Bonnie island

March 31st, 2007

On arriving to Scotland, my first impression was “it really does rain ALL the time”. However, in the last week I have only used my umbrella once which really is rather impressive.

I have developed a fondness of this country based on its beauty and the friendly people. Although, my main reason is…….


( )

Oh my goodness, so so much fun. I am so exhausted. I don’t think I’ve ever been so hot or tired in my entire life (and I used to be a rower). I’m aching all over this morning but it was just brilliant. The dances are actually not too hard to pick up, though some can be tricky. It basically involves a LOT of spinning and jumping. And clapping of course. I also finally can Waltz which I’ve never been much good at before. It sort of reminded me of barn dancing. Fifi’s boyfriend and friend were very kind at partnering with me and not getting upset when I’d tread on their toes.

Fiona, in a maximum of 100 words

March 18th, 2007

Fiona is my cousin, my Mum’s niece, and my friend. She looks a bit like me. Probably a bit prettier. With green speckled eyes. Thinks that I am a “sack”. It means being weird. Which seems like a fair enough comment to me. She’s a bit strange too, says all kind of odd phrases, and her favourite hobby is making strange faces in photos - another thing we have in common. I love her. But only because she lets me wear her clothes. And use her computer. If only she knew the geek I was. And if only I could speak correct grammar.

What Jessica thinks - therefore, don’t read if you are not in a patient mood

March 9th, 2007

I have decided something. It is not a revolutionary matter, but it would make my dappiness easier to cope with.


This is my solution to my forgetful nature. For example, this morning, I decided I’d quite like to drink a cup of tea with my book “Timewaster Letters” by Robin Cooper. If we’re going to be technical here, it’s not Actually my book, it’s Chris’s…but who’s counting….or reading, or something). Anyhoo, I digress. So I went into the kitchen and made some tea and sought out the chocolate biscuits (naturally). On returning to my bedroom, the book wasn’t to be seen, not on the bed, in my drawers or on the sink. I eventually thought “well, I’ll check the sitting room even though I’m CERTAIN I havn’t been there” and well of course the book was there. It did briefly occur to me that a ghost had moved it, but no. I think I’m just stupid.

So, if anyone discovers a ringing/locating device that can be put on ALL posessions, or me, perhaps, I would be grateful. After all, the net time saved not going up and down the house 3 times because I keep forgetting what I went upstairs for would probably save me enough time to find a solution to 3rd world debt. Instead, I’ve spent the time recounting this story to you, dear friends. So perhaps I’ll leave world peace to tomorrow’s To Do List.

Music, makes the people, come together (yeeehhhhh)

March 4th, 2007

During supper last night, the topic of music and how certain songs provide associations to memories came up. It strikes me that music acts as a huge influence over human emotion, mood and memory. For example, I find myself knowing lyrics to enjoyable songs easily whilst struggling to remember facts and figures needed for an upcoming exam or placement, which surely are of higher importance! Saying this, I find that I can remember conversations I’ve had with loved ones from years back, which always leads to them to be a) confused or b) thinking how sad I am to remember such little things. So is it that music holds such an important place in our culture because of our need as human beings for interaction? Or is it that we strive to learn more, study more, escape more, relax more from the medium of Art. Let me know what you think.

How good is your report card?! and other rambles.

January 25th, 2007

Found this on my friend Mish’s website which I thought was quite cute:

Love A+
Friends and Family A+
Body A
Mind A+
Finance / Career B


Looks like my life is going well then! :D Although I’m sure some of you would question whether my mind should be an A but there you go!. I couldn’t think very straight after my 12 hour shift yesterday, some friends were asking me the simplist questions and I was just umming as a reply. To be fair I do actually think I am very lucky in being happy with my life. I’ve had a lovely sleep and I’m going to take today completely off then crack on with my coursework (grumble grumble) tomorrow.

January rambles

January 23rd, 2007

Well, apologies for the lack of posts, website has been offline for a bit combined with me just being lazy really! I had such a lovely Christmas break, really good spending time with family and catching up with friends from home. Spent New Years in France with my family, 2 of my cousins and the lovely Chris. No snow but lovely weather for strolls through the mountains - can’t go too wrong with the Alps really. I’m back at uni now, started placement on a health care of the older person ward, its quite stressful at times but I also find it rewarding and I’m getting more confident each shift I think. Scary being a 3rd year as they basically expect you to be able to do everything. Um, and yeh, I can’t. Ha.

Mitchell and Webb

December 13th, 2006

Saw Mitchell and Webb live (blokes from Peep show) last week with Chris at Wolverhamton Civic Hall. Having loved their “That Mitchell and Webb look” I was so excited about seeing them in the flesh, especially Robert Webb as I have a bit of a crush on him! It was really good fun. It started off quite slowly, with some of the sketches not working so well on stage as on tv. They had some new sketches which were funny, and the second half was consistantly very very funny and enjoyable. “Big Talk” and Numberwang were probs my favourite moments of the night. I got told my question for the boffins was MASSIVE by Webb (”Why do we have mosquitos?”) and Numbwang became NumberFlan - fab!!

On another note, I finish uni term on Friday - very pleased to be on holiday, having handed in all my assignments and generally a bit worn out by placements and lectures starting at 9am. However, strangely, despite expressing happiness on finishing placement on my last post, I feel a bit useless I’m not helping people every day. No doubt Christmas time will help me cope though….


November 27th, 2006

Hmm, it has been a while since I’ve posted. This is most likely due to the mixture of being on placement during the week so not having much to write about and then being too busy with various social engagements at the weekend - ah, the hard life of being popular!

To bring peeps up to date, I finish my placement this week. It’ll be 2 months once its finished, and although I’ve enjoyed it and learnt alot, I’m ready to finish. If anyone ever needs bandaging up, I’m ya girl! I’m spending way too much time on facebook at the moment. I’m kinda bored so its something to do. Chris suggests I take up a new hobby, like knitting……

Can’t believe its nearly December, this year really has flown by. Had a Thanksgiving lunch with some nursing friends yesterday - felt so stuffed after a few hours of pure food indulgence - melted Mars bars anyone?!

On another tangent, is anyone the same as me where they do their work but refuse to hand it in til the deadline date, just cos you keep wanting to add bits to it? Just me then….

Nursing knees

October 24th, 2006

I’m currently on placement in Beeston (Notts) working with District Nurses out in the community. I feel like I’m learning loads, and will be really good at certain skills by the time it comes to the 1st December. Community nursing seems a bit more chilled than in a hospital setting - its nice just chatting to the patients and being able to take your time (to a certain extent) with carrying out your job. Also helps I get on really well with both my mentors.

Anyhoo, my only complaint is that I’m kneeling down alot of the day meaning I’ve got really really bruised knees which ache!! Good thing the weather is becoming too cold for skirts really as they ain’t that pretty. My housemate Meagan has offered me her knee pads but not sure how seriously I’d be taken if I wore them, despite the kind offer!

Elective excitement

October 17th, 2006

Sorry about the amazing lack of posts in the last few months - not having internet at uni til now hasn’t helped much but now NTL have got their asses in gear I have another reason to slob, woohhoo!

Anyways, I am beaucoup excited because I now know where I am going on my “elective”. (As nursing students we get to do a placement of our choice for a month in March/April).

I’m going to stay with my family in Glasgow (my gorgeous cousins Fiona, Neale and Kiron plus the adults Gordon and Kirsteen) who I love and get on so well with. My placement (hopefully!) is with the Marie Curie Hospice there so I’m really pleased they have accepted me and am really looking forward to learning loads in palliative care.

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