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The rambles of a twenty-two year old

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

Sorry I havn’t updated for a while, this is been mainly due to me not having any sort of twiddling thumbs time til I finished 3rd year a couple of weeks back.

Exciting news to tell is:

I’m now 22……..I know, you wouldn’t think it safe but there you go….! I had a lovely day (and a brilliant weekend following that). I don’t feel much older and I reckon that cos I still look young I can get away with enjoying being silly for another couple of years yet!

Other news is:

I now own a really really cool camera, a Canon 350D (the model down from Chris’s), given to me (in exchange for money) by my Uncle John. It’s big and it’s got lots of buttons but I’m slowly figuring out how to use it, but am looking forward to improving my skills and setting up a photo account soon.

What Jessica thinks - therefore, don’t read if you are not in a patient mood

Friday, March 9th, 2007

I have decided something. It is not a revolutionary matter, but it would make my dappiness easier to cope with.


This is my solution to my forgetful nature. For example, this morning, I decided I’d quite like to drink a cup of tea with my book “Timewaster Letters” by Robin Cooper. If we’re going to be technical here, it’s not Actually my book, it’s Chris’s…but who’s counting….or reading, or something). Anyhoo, I digress. So I went into the kitchen and made some tea and sought out the chocolate biscuits (naturally). On returning to my bedroom, the book wasn’t to be seen, not on the bed, in my drawers or on the sink. I eventually thought “well, I’ll check the sitting room even though I’m CERTAIN I havn’t been there” and well of course the book was there. It did briefly occur to me that a ghost had moved it, but no. I think I’m just stupid.

So, if anyone discovers a ringing/locating device that can be put on ALL posessions, or me, perhaps, I would be grateful. After all, the net time saved not going up and down the house 3 times because I keep forgetting what I went upstairs for would probably save me enough time to find a solution to 3rd world debt. Instead, I’ve spent the time recounting this story to you, dear friends. So perhaps I’ll leave world peace to tomorrow’s To Do List.

January rambles

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

Well, apologies for the lack of posts, website has been offline for a bit combined with me just being lazy really! I had such a lovely Christmas break, really good spending time with family and catching up with friends from home. Spent New Years in France with my family, 2 of my cousins and the lovely Chris. No snow but lovely weather for strolls through the mountains - can’t go too wrong with the Alps really. I’m back at uni now, started placement on a health care of the older person ward, its quite stressful at times but I also find it rewarding and I’m getting more confident each shift I think. Scary being a 3rd year as they basically expect you to be able to do everything. Um, and yeh, I can’t. Ha.


Monday, November 27th, 2006

Hmm, it has been a while since I’ve posted. This is most likely due to the mixture of being on placement during the week so not having much to write about and then being too busy with various social engagements at the weekend - ah, the hard life of being popular!

To bring peeps up to date, I finish my placement this week. It’ll be 2 months once its finished, and although I’ve enjoyed it and learnt alot, I’m ready to finish. If anyone ever needs bandaging up, I’m ya girl! I’m spending way too much time on facebook at the moment. I’m kinda bored so its something to do. Chris suggests I take up a new hobby, like knitting……

Can’t believe its nearly December, this year really has flown by. Had a Thanksgiving lunch with some nursing friends yesterday - felt so stuffed after a few hours of pure food indulgence - melted Mars bars anyone?!

On another tangent, is anyone the same as me where they do their work but refuse to hand it in til the deadline date, just cos you keep wanting to add bits to it? Just me then….