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A Master of sorts

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Just thought I’d post to express my happiness at getting a 2.1 in my Master of Nursing Science degree. I feel chuffed, especially as it’s such a unique course, I get an Msc after my name AND it’s an Honours Degree. Getting a 2.1 has always been my aim so I’m a little relieved too.

Even though I’ve officially finished my course, I’ve still got another 3 weeks of placement remaining (free labour for the NHS eh?!) so will still be in Nottingham until that time. It will be sad to leave but I feel ready to start the next chapter in my life and I’m looking forward to moving home for a few months before travelling with Chris.



Tuesday, August 14th, 2007


Can’t believe I’ve been on holiday for 6 weeks already - gone by so fast. I’ve just had a brilliant week in Edinburgh exploring the Fringe festival with some uni friends. I saw 18 shows in just over 5 days - quite impressive methinks, and all of them were enjoyable. I mostly saw comedy productions, although watched the odd theatre production (notably “Sheakspeare for Breakfast” …”QUESTION??!!” and Guilds devised and peformed by the Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group). What I was most impressed by this year were the number and quality of female comedians. My favourite two female comedians were Josie Long, whose ‘Trying is Good’ show left me wanting to make the world a better place and thinking how much I’d like to be friends with her, and Joanna Neary’s ‘Little Moments’, who’s one hour sketch show was delightful.

However, after a wonderful week, I have returned to England with a horrible cold which is making me slightly grumpy and leaving me no choice but to slob when I really should be doing some dissertation work.

My good friend Ellie is getting married this weekend though so that is something to look forward to and then I have a whole week to spend with the lovely Chris in Wiltshire.

Do do do do, da da da da

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Every little thing they do is magic!

Am just soooo excited about this:

Only over 3 months to wait til I get to see ‘em live in Birmingham NIC……wooooohooooo!

Bonnie island

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

On arriving to Scotland, my first impression was “it really does rain ALL the time”. However, in the last week I have only used my umbrella once which really is rather impressive.

I have developed a fondness of this country based on its beauty and the friendly people. Although, my main reason is…….


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Oh my goodness, so so much fun. I am so exhausted. I don’t think I’ve ever been so hot or tired in my entire life (and I used to be a rower). I’m aching all over this morning but it was just brilliant. The dances are actually not too hard to pick up, though some can be tricky. It basically involves a LOT of spinning and jumping. And clapping of course. I also finally can Waltz which I’ve never been much good at before. It sort of reminded me of barn dancing. Fifi’s boyfriend and friend were very kind at partnering with me and not getting upset when I’d tread on their toes.

Mitchell and Webb

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

Saw Mitchell and Webb live (blokes from Peep show) last week with Chris at Wolverhamton Civic Hall. Having loved their “That Mitchell and Webb look” I was so excited about seeing them in the flesh, especially Robert Webb as I have a bit of a crush on him! It was really good fun. It started off quite slowly, with some of the sketches not working so well on stage as on tv. They had some new sketches which were funny, and the second half was consistantly very very funny and enjoyable. “Big Talk” and Numberwang were probs my favourite moments of the night. I got told my question for the boffins was MASSIVE by Webb (”Why do we have mosquitos?”) and Numbwang became NumberFlan - fab!!

On another note, I finish uni term on Friday - very pleased to be on holiday, having handed in all my assignments and generally a bit worn out by placements and lectures starting at 9am. However, strangely, despite expressing happiness on finishing placement on my last post, I feel a bit useless I’m not helping people every day. No doubt Christmas time will help me cope though….

Elective excitement

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

Sorry about the amazing lack of posts in the last few months - not having internet at uni til now hasn’t helped much but now NTL have got their asses in gear I have another reason to slob, woohhoo!

Anyways, I am beaucoup excited because I now know where I am going on my “elective”. (As nursing students we get to do a placement of our choice for a month in March/April).

I’m going to stay with my family in Glasgow (my gorgeous cousins Fiona, Neale and Kiron plus the adults Gordon and Kirsteen) who I love and get on so well with. My placement (hopefully!) is with the Marie Curie Hospice there so I’m really pleased they have accepted me and am really looking forward to learning loads in palliative care.

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