About me

I'm on the left

My second toe is longer than my big toe on both sides (although you can’t see this in the photo - that’s me on the left). This is apparentlI'm on the lefty one of the reasons I am considered strange, or ’special’ as my twin puts it, Yes, I am a twin, No we don’t look alike (him being a boy and all) and he’s older, by 4 minutes, which, trust me, he doesn’t let me forget! I have a big brother called Toby (one cool dude) and a beautiful older sister called Zoe. I have been told I look like my mum and resemble my dad in personality.

I often say things without thinking, which leads people to the conclusion that I’m very funny when I’m really just being dappy. My hugs are also well known throughout my social circles - my friends will tell you the word train springs to mind.

I made up a word when I was 16. This marvellous word was invented when I spotted a moose in Alaska. My trail of thought led me to thinking that moose have hooves - moof. It means a nice silly person.

My favourite things in life are my family and friends.

Dancing like its 1999, being a soppy git (just ask Chris), eating my own weight in chocolate, singing, playing games and nursing also make me an excitable young lady. (I was recently bought a corset which also made me very excitable, especially on discovering I can actually breathe and eat in it)

Being the wuss that I am, it is not wise to buy me anything which may go bang or give me nightmares. You may however buy me anything with chocolate in or things which I can hug. Or just give me a hug.