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The month of birthdays

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Does anyone else find that they know LOADS of people who celebrate their birthday in May? I know A LOT. Including the lovely Chris (whom I enjoying sipping Champagne with on Sunday) and my big bro Toby is 27 today - Happy Birthday!

So what can I report? Well, I handed in my last piece of coursework a few weeks back which was a good feeling and I finally got round to doing a few tasks that I’d been putting off.¬†Go me. Placement is going well, am having a rather more relaxed week which makes a nice change. I’m having lots of fun on my weekends off but now it’s time to eat supper.

Ta ta for now

Wow, is it May already?

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Err, yes, so we won’t talk about the fact I havn’t written anything on my site since 2007! Hello anyone reading this! My excuse this time (yes, I always have one) is that until quite recently (well until March anyway) I’d been writing my dissertation - all 16,000 words of it, so my hermit-like existance has prevented any procrastination. AND the year has rather flown by!

I’ve only a few months to go until I qualify as a nurse - I’m quite excited but a little nervous about taking on new responsibilities. What I’m more excited about is going travelling with Chris later this year; we’re planning on going to lots of exciting places and have muchos fun. I’m currently on my management placement at QMC which is good experience. I’m also rehearsing for a show with Gilbert and Sullivan, so that’s lots of fun, especially seeing as I’m playing a man in the show…….