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What a difference a month makes

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Yes yes, I’ve been rubbish with my updates, I know!

I’ve been back at university now for 2 weeks and already wanting to repeat the fantastic summer just gone. Post Edinburgh, the rest of August was a very happy month. My good friend Ellie got married in Cheltenham (was a lovely day) and I spent a fun week in Wiltshire with the lovely Spath family. September was equally good, with The Police concert at the NIA in Birmingham definately living up to expectations. I now rate it as the best gig I’ve ever been to. Fiction Plane were an impressive support act, with Joe Summer (Sting’s son) on vocals, Pete Wilhoit on drums and Seton Daunt on guitar. Check out to hear some of their songs. The weekend following The Police concert was spent in Rome with my family for my cousin’s wedding. It was such a nice day that even the Italian Paparazzi decided to get in on the action. Just before going to Nottingham, Chris and I had a great time in Elveden forest Center Parcs with our friends Tom and Katherine. I hadn’t been to Center Parcs for 7 years so it was great to revisit as an adult. We had a packed week full of activities such as go-karting, fencing and archery.

It’s nice seeing all my friends back at Nottingham, although as a 4th year, quite a few people have graduated and left. I’m living in Lenton this year with a close nursing friend (Nicola) and 3 boys, and it’s been good fun so far as the boys actually wash up and do lots of helpful jobs around the house - such as getting rid of hairy spiders and changing lightbulbs :). Having to work very hard already but I suppose one has to expect that from being in the last year of a Masters course.