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Thursday, July 19th, 2007

I now have a flickr account, there are a couple of photos up already, taken with the previously mentioned Canon EOS 350D. The link can be found on my blog roll if anyone fancies having a look - comments welcome! I had fun experimenting with some of the settings. Still, much room for improvement. Hopefully I’ll be putting photos up on a regular basis.

The rambles of a twenty-two year old

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

Sorry I havn’t updated for a while, this is been mainly due to me not having any sort of twiddling thumbs time til I finished 3rd year a couple of weeks back.

Exciting news to tell is:

I’m now 22……..I know, you wouldn’t think it safe but there you go….! I had a lovely day (and a brilliant weekend following that). I don’t feel much older and I reckon that cos I still look young I can get away with enjoying being silly for another couple of years yet!

Other news is:

I now own a really really cool camera, a Canon 350D (the model down from Chris’s), given to me (in exchange for money) by my Uncle John. It’s big and it’s got lots of buttons but I’m slowly figuring out how to use it, but am looking forward to improving my skills and setting up a photo account soon.