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Bonnie island

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

On arriving to Scotland, my first impression was “it really does rain ALL the time”. However, in the last week I have only used my umbrella once which really is rather impressive.

I have developed a fondness of this country based on its beauty and the friendly people. Although, my main reason is…….


( )

Oh my goodness, so so much fun. I am so exhausted. I don’t think I’ve ever been so hot or tired in my entire life (and I used to be a rower). I’m aching all over this morning but it was just brilliant. The dances are actually not too hard to pick up, though some can be tricky. It basically involves a LOT of spinning and jumping. And clapping of course. I also finally can Waltz which I’ve never been much good at before. It sort of reminded me of barn dancing. Fifi’s boyfriend and friend were very kind at partnering with me and not getting upset when I’d tread on their toes.

Fiona, in a maximum of 100 words

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

Fiona is my cousin, my Mum’s niece, and my friend. She looks a bit like me. Probably a bit prettier. With green speckled eyes. Thinks that I am a “sack”. It means being weird. Which seems like a fair enough comment to me. She’s a bit strange too, says all kind of odd phrases, and her favourite hobby is making strange faces in photos - another thing we have in common. I love her. But only because she lets me wear her clothes. And use her computer. If only she knew the geek I was. And if only I could speak correct grammar.

What Jessica thinks - therefore, don’t read if you are not in a patient mood

Friday, March 9th, 2007

I have decided something. It is not a revolutionary matter, but it would make my dappiness easier to cope with.


This is my solution to my forgetful nature. For example, this morning, I decided I’d quite like to drink a cup of tea with my book “Timewaster Letters” by Robin Cooper. If we’re going to be technical here, it’s not Actually my book, it’s Chris’s…but who’s counting….or reading, or something). Anyhoo, I digress. So I went into the kitchen and made some tea and sought out the chocolate biscuits (naturally). On returning to my bedroom, the book wasn’t to be seen, not on the bed, in my drawers or on the sink. I eventually thought “well, I’ll check the sitting room even though I’m CERTAIN I havn’t been there” and well of course the book was there. It did briefly occur to me that a ghost had moved it, but no. I think I’m just stupid.

So, if anyone discovers a ringing/locating device that can be put on ALL posessions, or me, perhaps, I would be grateful. After all, the net time saved not going up and down the house 3 times because I keep forgetting what I went upstairs for would probably save me enough time to find a solution to 3rd world debt. Instead, I’ve spent the time recounting this story to you, dear friends. So perhaps I’ll leave world peace to tomorrow’s To Do List.

Music, makes the people, come together (yeeehhhhh)

Sunday, March 4th, 2007

During supper last night, the topic of music and how certain songs provide associations to memories came up. It strikes me that music acts as a huge influence over human emotion, mood and memory. For example, I find myself knowing lyrics to enjoyable songs easily whilst struggling to remember facts and figures needed for an upcoming exam or placement, which surely are of higher importance! Saying this, I find that I can remember conversations I’ve had with loved ones from years back, which always leads to them to be a) confused or b) thinking how sad I am to remember such little things. So is it that music holds such an important place in our culture because of our need as human beings for interaction? Or is it that we strive to learn more, study more, escape more, relax more from the medium of Art. Let me know what you think.