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How good is your report card?! and other rambles.

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

Found this on my friend Mish’s website which I thought was quite cute:

Love A+
Friends and Family A+
Body A
Mind A+
Finance / Career B


Looks like my life is going well then! :D Although I’m sure some of you would question whether my mind should be an A but there you go!. I couldn’t think very straight after my 12 hour shift yesterday, some friends were asking me the simplist questions and I was just umming as a reply. To be fair I do actually think I am very lucky in being happy with my life. I’ve had a lovely sleep and I’m going to take today completely off then crack on with my coursework (grumble grumble) tomorrow.

January rambles

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

Well, apologies for the lack of posts, website has been offline for a bit combined with me just being lazy really! I had such a lovely Christmas break, really good spending time with family and catching up with friends from home. Spent New Years in France with my family, 2 of my cousins and the lovely Chris. No snow but lovely weather for strolls through the mountains - can’t go too wrong with the Alps really. I’m back at uni now, started placement on a health care of the older person ward, its quite stressful at times but I also find it rewarding and I’m getting more confident each shift I think. Scary being a 3rd year as they basically expect you to be able to do everything. Um, and yeh, I can’t. Ha.