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Mitchell and Webb

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

Saw Mitchell and Webb live (blokes from Peep show) last week with Chris at Wolverhamton Civic Hall. Having loved their “That Mitchell and Webb look” I was so excited about seeing them in the flesh, especially Robert Webb as I have a bit of a crush on him! It was really good fun. It started off quite slowly, with some of the sketches not working so well on stage as on tv. They had some new sketches which were funny, and the second half was consistantly very very funny and enjoyable. “Big Talk” and Numberwang were probs my favourite moments of the night. I got told my question for the boffins was MASSIVE by Webb (”Why do we have mosquitos?”) and Numbwang became NumberFlan - fab!!

On another note, I finish uni term on Friday - very pleased to be on holiday, having handed in all my assignments and generally a bit worn out by placements and lectures starting at 9am. However, strangely, despite expressing happiness on finishing placement on my last post, I feel a bit useless I’m not helping people every day. No doubt Christmas time will help me cope though….