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Nursing knees

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

I’m currently on placement in Beeston (Notts) working with District Nurses out in the community. I feel like I’m learning loads, and will be really good at certain skills by the time it comes to the 1st December. Community nursing seems a bit more chilled than in a hospital setting - its nice just chatting to the patients and being able to take your time (to a certain extent) with carrying out your job. Also helps I get on really well with both my mentors.

Anyhoo, my only complaint is that I’m kneeling down alot of the day meaning I’ve got really really bruised knees which ache!! Good thing the weather is becoming too cold for skirts really as they ain’t that pretty. My housemate Meagan has offered me her knee pads but not sure how seriously I’d be taken if I wore them, despite the kind offer!

Elective excitement

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

Sorry about the amazing lack of posts in the last few months - not having internet at uni til now hasn’t helped much but now NTL have got their asses in gear I have another reason to slob, woohhoo!

Anyways, I am beaucoup excited because I now know where I am going on my “elective”. (As nursing students we get to do a placement of our choice for a month in March/April).

I’m going to stay with my family in Glasgow (my gorgeous cousins Fiona, Neale and Kiron plus the adults Gordon and Kirsteen) who I love and get on so well with. My placement (hopefully!) is with the Marie Curie Hospice there so I’m really pleased they have accepted me and am really looking forward to learning loads in palliative care.

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